Encountering Faith Essay

The year it opened, the Hassayampa Inn developed its most famous legend. A very young bride named Faith Summers checked into a balcony suite with her much older husband in 1927. According to the story, Faith’s husband went out to buy cigarettes and never returned. Faith waited for three days and then took her life in despair.

Since then, countless hotel guests and employees have reported encounters with a young woman throughout the hotel—crying at the end of a bed, dressed in a pink gown in the hallway, appearing and disappearing from rooms. One housekeeper saw a woman by a bed, holding flowers and crying. When asked if she needed help, the woman vanished. Kitchen staff have reported feeling Faith’s presence in the kitchen, right before the burners on the stove suddenly went out.

Others have reported strange cold spots in Faith’s honeymoon suite. Frequently the smell of flowers emanates from the empty room. Once, a staff member was standing in front of the room drinking coffee and talking about the legend when her coffee leaped from the cup and spilled over her hand. Others have had similar experiences while doing research on Faith and her story.

One recent guest, a young man, said he sensed someone in his room when he awoke. He drifted off, and awoke to someone hugging him. He asked if there had been incidents of haunting at the hotel. “Oh, that’s just Faith,” the desk clerk said. Others have experienced lights or the television going on in the middle of the night, or awaking to find their toothbrushes missing.

Faith never threatens in these encounters. The heartbroken ghost simply appears unable to move on. We like to think that even Faith likes staying at the Hassayampa Inn.